Friday, March 9, 2012

SEPT 2011 Hannibal MO

So further up Eastern MO we went to Hannibal, MO, Home of Mark Twain. I did much more walking here, not as many places to sit & the sites are not for the mobility challenged, Lots of stairs.  I love history, though, so I climbed every step I could muster & you MUST to visit the Mark Twain Home Museum!  In Hannibal, you have to visit that museum, which is contained in a few different buildings & make sure to take the Hannibal Trolley Company Sightseeing Tours! They take you to all the relevent sites including Riverview Park that has outstanding Mississippi River views & a beautiful Mark Twain Statue!

SEPT 2011 Kimmswick MO

Coming back from Family Reunion, we decided to go further up the East Coast of Missouri & visited a hamlet outside of St Louis called Kimmswick, MO.  Now, we've been here before, stopping by on our way to previous Reunions. Very nice place to shop & eat at The Blue Owl.  Stopped in & visited with owner Mary.  Very busy place, but worth the wait!

SEPT 2011 Cape Girardeau MO

Every Labor Day Weekend, we have a family reunion near Cape Girardeau MO.  In 2011, we did a bit of walking in downtown Cape right next to the Mississippi River. Quite beautiful & fortunate for me they have a few benches!  Whenever I go on a trip, I must rent an Oxygen Generator, but I still need to be able to sit & catch my breath!
Lovely town, Lovely people in the "Boot Heel" of Missouri. Go visit Cape Girardeau!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

JULY 2011 Kansas City MO

Decided to go to the best place for exercise, The Kansas City Zoo! Love the Zoo & a GREAT place to walk. Entertaining as well! Took the nephew, my Sweetpea & her friend  We had a blast!
The KC Zoo has wonderful exhibits, When you first walk in you meet Nikita the Polar Bear.  Excellent facility for the bear, you can get close watching him swim.  He really seems to enjoy his home!

We love the Train!

Very nice rides at the zoo, the Train has been joined by a Tram
All Aboard!
to Africa. There is a new Carousel and NEW African Sky Safari.
For Family fun, you can't beat the Zoo! At Zoo entrance, they have EVC rentals for those with mobility challenges.  I try to walk due to so many benches.

Friday, May 27, 2011

APRIL 2011 Independence MO

I have visited The Harry S Truman Presidential Library & Museum before, in my youth.  I remember it as large & I loved the recreation of his Oval Office.  Well, it's still large & I still love the Oval office the best. 

The day I picked, there were 2 or 3 school field trips there as well.  In fact, I was inspired to visit due to my friend Nate (@WedwayRadio), a teacher who students were visiting there.  It was a great walk, good exercize for me.  The parking is to the side of the building & still quite the walk from the marked Disabled spots. The staff, very kind. The Museum, a MUST!

Great film about Pres. Truman, about 45 mins.  Still love the recreation of his Oval offices.  Lots of exhibits that explained history that I had forgotten! An assasination attempt? Truman Soap? Jack Benny visits the Truman Library?  It was all fun, knowledgeable & grand.  I look forward to seeing more!

MAR 2011 Lees Summit MO

After our Branson trip, I wanted to start out locally visiting sites.  I found out that we have an Art gallery here in Lee's Summit, MO!  The "Got Art Gallery" is located 18 Southwest 3rd Street
Lee’s Summit, MO 64063.  If you drive too fast down 3rd street and blink, you'll miss it!

The staff is very friendly & were happy to meet & talk social networking.  A small gallery, they support local artists, some national, but all very intriging and brilliant. I was fortunate enough to meet a local artist Tom Mallot & view his creation. I bought some original art work jewelry for my wife & daughter.

Got Art offers classes for the young & young at heart!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MAR 2011 Branson MO

Wow, been feeling better & this trip proved it!  I suggested the trip to my wife, who has been stressing quite allot over work.  She assists companies with their retirement programs.  I thought Branson would do the trick, due to our wonderful trip last year.

We skipped Silver Dollar City this time, concentrating on the Shows & attractions on "the Strip", otherwise known as 76 Hwy.  Since I have a fairly large following as DisneyFrankness, I reported on the trip through Twitter, especially a couple of Disney connections in Branson.

We checked into the Comfort Inn & Suites Branson Meadows. Beautiful! Designed with a lodge feel, great friendly staff. Everything on 1st floor, indoor heated pool

First we attended Presley's Country Jubilee, Branson's first family of Entertainment.  We saw the Presley's in 2010 & fell in love with the show.  How can you not? 4 generations of family in the show. Talented singers, piano, fiddle/violin, comedy etc.  Just amazing & so friendly!

We visited Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.  I can see this place every Branson visit! Friendly staff, Great management.  Wonderful Technology & Oddities, meet Mr Ripley! Make sure to go through the Vortex at the end of your tour!

You have to visit the Titanic Museum in Branson! You cannot take pictures inside, but they did allow the ship's coal man to come outside for a pic. The staff was VERY helpful in my time of need while visiting, very understanding. 

So then, onto The Mansion Theatre, where I met Louise Harrison, sister of the Beatles George Harrison.  We watched her Beatles Tribute group, The Liverpool Legends.  Absolutely fabulous show for the entire family. Got to meet the band, I'm standing in for "John", LOL.

Our Saturday was filled by 2 shows at the Jim Stafford Theater. A Noon show by Todd Oliver, who we had seen at the Branson Belle in 2010. Now he has a lunch show, lunch is served in the upper floor of the theater and new is his band. Todd has a hilarious show, as a ventriloquist making his live dogs talk. Believe me, you have to see this to believe it! The band is fine, the new show needs to "work out the kinks" but I have faith it will all come together!
Saturday night was Jim Stafford show & what a delight! Jim's been in Branson over 20 yrs & still going strong! His kids are part of the show & very talented. It's a family affair & I loved it all!
Our last day, we truly saw an unusual, facinating, beautiful, spiritual show. The Legend of Kung Fu.  A must see show, not only for the acrobatics, the different styles of Kung Fu, but for the visual, the inner peace, the kindness and openness of the cast.  They dont speak english, only through an interperter, but they speak from the heart.  I was fortunate enough to poise in a picture with them,  So kind & understanding of me, my lack of knowledge of the Martial Arts.  Please see this show!